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As a foundation of German industry for international cooperation, the SES is active worldwide. His voluntary work takes place primarily in developing and emerging countries and in Germany.

Small and medium-sized companies, public administrations, chambers and business associations, social and medical facilities and institutions of basic and vocational training primarily benefit from the expert knowledge of the SES in Germany and abroad. A special focus in Germany is the promotion of young people in school and training.

All SES assignments follow the principle of helping people to help themselves. Its goal is the transfer of knowledge and experience to improve the future prospects of others.  The SES enables its experts to have enriching experiences and encounters with people and cultures that are not taken for granted - experiences that continue to have an impact in our society.

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Mrs. Saran Batbayar

Customer and Sponsors Manager

Representative of the SES in the DMUV


+976 7011 6011

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